Our Offers are Special, And Rewarding!

by TSG on Mon, August 24th, 2009 at 2:10 pm

We’ve got yet another cool thing for all you guys out there in Swag Nation. In our quick links menu on the Swagbucks homepage, you’ll see one more option than there usually is. The Special Offers button will take you to some great money-saving offers that will hopefully help a lot of our users. We’ve done our due diligence to make sure all the offers presented to you are valid, beneficial and most importantly..completely FREE. We know times are tight in a lot of places so we’re just doing our part to help wherever we can. The Special Offers is one of those areas where we can help.

A few more important notes – in addition to these offers being completely free, you are under no circumstances obligated to sign up for any of them. These are completely voluntary, no obligation offers. However, we’ve made it rewarding for you to just look at these offers; no sign up required. This reward will only be good once, so no need to go back thinking you’ll get to use the same reward twice. Of course, it you like the offers that you see, and you’d like to see some more, nobody is going to stop you…

So head over to the Special Offers section and you’ll be rewarded, one way or another :) Also, let us know if this is the kind of thing you’d like for us to do more of in the future.


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