Poll Round Up – 8/24

by TSG on Mon, August 24th, 2009 at 12:23 pm

Mondays are a little better when you have something to look forward to. Hopefully our polls can be that little spec of positivity to make your Monday bearable if you’re the one of many that hates Mondays. This week’s polls are now live over on the Polls page at Swagbucks. Go have a look see and a vote and maybe that’ll make your Monday a bit better ;-)

And, as always, here are the results of last week’s Monday saving grace. Which way did you vote?

We do this every Monday which means we give away 60 Swag Bucks for polls (10 Swag Bucks to each poll submitter). If you think you have a good idea for polls, email us at pollideas@swagbucks.com. You may get your poll chosen, voted upon by thousands and featured on our Polls page and this blog.

Simple as that!


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