Poll Round Up 8/31/09

by TSG on Mon, August 31st, 2009 at 2:45 pm

Swagbucks has reinvented the first day of the work/school week. Why do Mondays have to be dreaded and filled with such bummery (which is now a word)? We’ve already given away 500 Swag Bucks today and embarked on the quest to make you smell better with our new fragrances from FragranceNet. Now, we unveil this week’s polls! The new polls are over on the Polls page at Swagbucks, so go vote and be heard. These are important, life-altering topics!

Crucial topics like these from last week…here’s last week’s results:

If you’re judgmental or a hater and think you can do better than these polls, submit a poll idea then, big shot! If we run your poll, you’ll win 10 Swag Bucks and have your poll featured on Swagbucks and in this blog. Oh and thousand of people will vote on it, blah blah blah. I know…it’s pretty cool.

Submit your poll ideas to pollideas@swagbucks.com and you never know, you could see your name in lights ;-)


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