Remember Books?

by TSG on Thu, August 27th, 2009 at 7:00 am

Books are still around and people still read them! That includes TSG & TSGal. Now, I know the last thing you might want to hear about with back-to-school quickly approaching would be books. But, with plenty of Books to choose from in our Swag Store, more than just one fun read won’t be hard to find. Reading also expands your vocabulary which is why yours truly is such an acclaimed wordsmith. ;-)

These books range in price from just 75 to 135 Swag Bucks. Head on over to the Swag Store and see what literary works you’d like to snage.

Another plus if you read is that you can be part of the crowd that always claims “the book was better than the movie!”. Speaking of which, you might find a rewarding surprise in one of the books in the Swag Store that later had a movie made about it.

This code expires at 10AM PDT and is good on any Search&Win site.

Happy reading :)


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