Retro Gamers, We’ve Got You Covered!

by TSG on Tue, August 25th, 2009 at 12:01 pm

Sometimes I wish I could still play my old Nintendo games or SNES games, Sega games…just for the nostalgia and fun of it all. Reflections back on a simpler time, if you will. But, there’s no way the dust ball of an old Nintendo I have sitting in my garage is going to play the games. There has to be some way, right? Right!

We’ve got duo consoles to play your Nintendo and SNES games, consoles to play your Sega games, we have Sega Dreamcasts, Playstation 2‘s, we even have duo Nintendo/Genesis consoles in the Consoles section of the Swag Store! Now you can play all your old games thanks to Swagbucks and VPGames.

If you’re into retro games and old technology is slipping through your fingertips like grains of sand falling down the hour glass (they’re getting old, time understand), then let Swagbucks help you get your retro gaming fix with all these great consoles. And don’t fret if you don’t have enough Swag Bucks to snag one of these sweet consoles because you can always get more Swag Bucks by trading in your used games and consoles. You know you’ll never play Halo 2 or Madden 08 anymore now that you got the newer version -might as well turn them into Swag Bucks! And don’t forget that you’ll get 20% more Bucks than normal all through the month of August(which is ending very, very soon).

Another big thanks to VPGames for hooking us up with even more sweet video game Swag for Swaggernauts everywhere!


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