Search & Win with ZZ Top!

One of our furriest partners, ZZ Top has a brand spankin’ new Search&Win site. Check out their new Search&Win site and take a look at all the updated prizes and bask in the glory that is ZZ Top. As you know, TSG is a big fan of impressive beards and it doesn’t get much more impressive than ZZ Top‘s pair of epic beards. Some of the most famous facial follicles in music history belong to this very band.

ZZ Top OWNED MTV in its heyday. You couldn’t watch 30 minutes of MTV without seeing a ZZ Top video come on whether it was ‘Legs’ or ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ or one of their other many hits, ZZ Top was everpresent. They still tour and wow live audiences everywhere with their aforementioned amazing beards, cool shades and spinning, at times fuzzy guitars.

Check out the music video of ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ brought to you by another Sharp Dressed Man:

TSGal, is every girl REALLY crazy about a Sharp Dressed Man?