Swagbucks Has Gift Cards!

by TSG on Fri, August 28th, 2009 at 12:30 pm

We’ve got plenty of Gift & Rewards Cards in the Swag Store to cover most of your basic needs in life. Some cards are more popular than others but even others still can do more than the rest. Such is the case with the Swagbucks prepaid credit card. Nowadays, $10 isn’t going to buy you the world but you can buy anything you like with it as opposed to the other cards in the store that limit your purchasing power to just things in that store!

It’s also cool because YOU HAVE A SWAGBUCKS CREDIT CARD! I think we can all agree that that’s awesome. Even better than that, you can take advantage of all of our Gift Cards today because the Swag Code is plastic, BUT, to find out the casing of each letter, you’ll have to find them in the Gift & Rewards Section of the Swag Store. I’ll save you one trip and tell you that one of the letter is in this Swagbucks credit card.

The rest…is up to you.
This code expires at 3:30PM PDT


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