The Swag Gal Returns Tomorrow!

by TSG on Tue, August 18th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

I hope you have some tough conundrums, dilemmas and just general wonder for her to help out with. TSGal is Swagbucks‘ go-to-gal for any question you could have about pretty much anything under the sun. She’s got you covered.

Last week, I asked Swaggernauts everywhere what they had asked The Swag Gal. You guys replied with some pretty intriguing questions, I hope she gets to all of them eventually because there’s probably no one better to answer them than the one and only TSGal.

Send in any and all questions you have for The Swag Gal including date offers, questions about her ring size, what her sign is, etc. to In fact, TSGal will be picking 3 questions and rewarding the Swaggernauts that submitted them 5 Swag Bucks on Friday. They must be legitimate, non-customer service questions, but if she likes your question, not only will it possibly get answered, but you’ll also win 5 Swag Bucks!

Keep an eye out for TSGal tomorrow!


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