Twitter Surprise!

by TSG on Mon, August 10th, 2009 at 5:08 pm

As we approach yet another Twitter milestone I thought it’d be appropriate to reward some of you guys that are partly responsible for all the success on Twitter branch of Swag Nation. I figured it’d be fun to find a random @Swagbucks tweet and dole some Swag Bucks out to that person for their efforts.

Well, that person was Stacy C. of Dayton, OH. Stacy tweeted this awesome message with her referral link and thus was rewarded a whopping 10 Swag Bucks:

“I’ve made $55 in Amazon gift cards! Sign up @Swagbucks, redeem bucks for prizes! (One account per household)”

Thanks for the love, Stacy. It was my pleasure to return the favor!

Thanks to all you guys for the wonderful turnout you’ve rallied on our Twitter page and everywhere else throughout the Swagbucks community.


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