Twitter Trivia Today!

by TSG on Thu, August 6th, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Today’s Thursday which means trivia will be played on the Swagbucks Twitter page! Now its been a crazy day over at Twitter if you haven’t heard. They were down early all morning because of the actions of some mean computer guys, which is a technical term. Given that, please note that problems with Twitter during trivia will be more likely today than on other days, just a heads up.

But, the show will go on. Here’s how we play:

-TSG will notify you when a question is about to come with a tweet, then he will ask the question
-Reply to the tweet. This is important REPLY, do not direct message us. This means you’ll tweet starting with “@Swagbucks“. These are the only answers that will be read
-You must answer every part of a trivia question to be considered and provide correct spelling.
For instance, last week I asked the following:
What year was Hawaii named a state? Which island of Hawaii is known as ‘The Gathering Place’ and what is the state bird?

So many people replied with “@Swagbucks 1959″ The correct answer was “@Swagbucks, 1959, Oahu, Hawaiian Goose”

-TSG will announce when questions start and end and if you win a question you will be messaged in your Twitter inbox

That’s pretty much it! See you at 3:30PM PDT!


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