Ask The Swag Gal (September 11, 2009)

You can tell that a new school year is upon us when my inbox starts filling up with questions like this one from Swaggernaut kcch227 from Glendale, Ca. She asked:

Now that school’s started, do you have any tips for staying awake and alert during a boring lecture?

Oh how I miss those days…. Waking up at 8:55 for your 9AM class with barely enough time to brush your hair or put on an appropriate outfit-only to arrive in class, take a seat and fall right back asleep! This brings to mind all too well, the most famous snooze-worthy scene … “Bueller… Bueller…Bueller….

Luckily for me, I went to a small college, so there were never long drawn out lectures. Don’t get me wrong, I did sit thorugh my fair share of boring teachers. For all of you stuck in kcch227’s position here are some tips on how to keep those eyes open and fly catching mouths shut!.

– Coffee coffee coffee! Now I’m not one to promote the overuse of coffee, but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and take down that caffeine. It works like a charm and will keep you awake and alert. You will be happy later when you score those A’s. 🙂

– Sit up straight. This sounds like something your mother would say? I know i know. But the more you sink down into your chair and the more comfy you become, the more likely you are going to get tired and fall asleep again.

– Keep moving. Try to avoid sitting still and staring at your paper. Take notes, make eye contact with your teacher. Read along. Even the littlest of movements will keep your blood flowing and your body active.

– Participate. Exercising your brain is the most efficient way to stay alert. So raise your hand, ask questions and give the class your two-cents!

– Get a good night’s sleep. This is the simplest way to ensure you feel good in the morning. Even one extra hour in the morning will leave you feeling refreshed and rearin’ to go! If you feel like you’re missing out by going to sleep, trust me– there will be plenty more parties and social gatherings to attend.

..Oh and don’t get any ideas from our good ‘ol friend Ferris Bueller.
…although ditchiing a day of school, stealing a sweet convertible and dancing in a parade does sound like a good time. 🙂

Good luck to all the students out there, and keep sending those questions to Til next time..