Ask The Swag Gal (September 18, 2009)

Howdy strangers,

It’s the Swag Gal coming to you on a Saturday because…well, just because. Better late than never, that’s my motto.

Today’s question comes from hpgeek339 in King Mills, Ohio. He asked:

When you are angry, and all you want to do is put your head through a wall, what is a way you can safely get rid of that anger?

I really need an answer to this… today I put my foot in a wall and made a hole in the wall because I was angry…

Many of us know this feeling all too well hpgeek, so you’re not alone. Growing up is all about learning. Learning from your mistakes, learning how to deal, and learning how to channel feelings in a healthy way. We all have our moments when we literally want to punch a wall (which I’m sure quite a few of us have). But soon after, you learn that this accomplishes nothing…except a really expensive maintenance bill to fix it! And instead you find ways to release anger in a way that helps you calmly get through the matter. When you’re feeling this way.. keep these 3 things in mind.

1. Breathe. Take a minute to stop, slow down and breathe. Tell yourself to calm down and relax. Most of the mistakes we make happen when we jump to action too quickly. If you take a moment to think, you will avoid acting spontaneously and doing something you’ll regret afterward.

2. Redirect your energy. Instead of making a rash decision to damage property, yell or last out at someone, find another way to use your energy. Work out, go on a run, lay down and give your body a break.

3. Talk it out. Find a friend, sibling or one of your parents and get it out. Get all of your frustration and anger out through words. If you don’t feel like telling anybody about it, write it out instead. Find a notebook or even just a piece of paper and write how you’re feeling. It will help you release the tension and feel more at ease.

After all, don’t ever take anything too seriously. Life is too short to be mad or angry about anything or at anyone. Learn to let things go and just laugh. (easier said than done, i know-but it really is a good way to live!)

As my grandmother says, “Life is what you make it”. Don’t make it a life full of broken walls! 🙂

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