Ask The Swag Gal (September 2, 2009)

Hello friends of mine!

How is it already the beginning of September?! Time sure does fly, especially summer time! If only we had one more month….

Today’s question comes to us from Coolfiregirl in Chicago, IL. She asked:

What is the best and worst pickup line u have heard?

What a fun question because I have heard too many to even remember or count! Looking back there have been times where I wish I had a video camera, even a recorder JUST to be humored for days to come by one silly pick up line. Then again, I have heard a few obvious “pick-up lines” that were pretty entertaining. Sometimes you’re so stunned they’d even say it, that you’re impressed!

For the record, I am not endorsing pick-up lines. My personal opinion, which I’ve stated before, is that guys should speak honestly and not use canned approaches or lines. But, I recognize that pick-up lines will probably be around forever, so without further ado, here is my very subjective take on the best and worst pick-up lines.

Best Pick Up Lines (These are funny ones/have potential to work on a girl-if she’s even semi interested)

1. There’s this movie I wanted to see and my mom said I couldn’t go by myself…..
2. I’d marry your cat just to get in the family.
3. Falling for you would be a very short trip.

..Okay fine. There are very VERY few pick-up lines that are acceptable to say to a girl. These hardly even made the cut. But boys, whatever you do, NEVER use one of the lines below….

Worst Pick Up Lines (A girl will either walk away, give you a pity smile or laugh in your face)

1. Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!
2. If you were a booger I’d pick you first.
3. Hi, my name is Doug. That’s “god” spelled backwards with a little bit of you wrapped up in it.
4. Excuse me, I’m a little short on cash, would you mind if we shared a cab home together?
5. You don’t need car keys to drive me crazy.
5. You must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.

CORNY CORNY CORNY. Guys, please don’t ever think things like this are a good idea to say to a girl. Consider yourself warned 🙂

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Until Friday…