Back to School is Here!

by TSG on Wed, September 2nd, 2009 at 5:10 pm

I know going Back to School wasn’t the bolded item on your list of things to do this Summer. But, all good things must come to an end. It doesn’t all have to be bad though! I remember lots of my friends would go on vacations or I’d go somewhere and going back to school meant I’d get to see and hang out with my friends again. It also meant whatever sports or activities I was involved with were starting back up if they didn’t take place in the summer. AND, the big thing that got me by is knowing that Halloween, Thanksgiving and the holidays (winter break) were that much closer! That tidbit right there is an even brighter light at the end of the tunnel to the college kids.

Which reminds me, some people like going back to school. They’re mostly college kids. They come home for the Summer to their hometowns and have a fun first week or two seeing all their friends from high school again and then are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS for the rest of the Summer. Usually, these types can’t wait to get back to school simply for stuff to do again!

No matter what your stance on going back to school is, Swagbucks is here to make it better. Rushing to office supply stores and grocery stores and dealing with EVERYONE ELSE that’s there for the same reason you are can be brutal. Not to mention, it costs money. Well let Swagbucks take a little of that burden off your back because we’ve got loads of Back to School items in the Swag Store in the “Back to School Gear” section!

We’ve got the small stuff like pens, pencils, gluesticks and whiteout tape to middle sized stuff like folders and binders to bigger stuff like backpacks and laptop bags! Mosey on over to the Back to School section and save where you can because it all adds up in the end. :)

And remember, Swago is underway and for 2 weeks you can ONLY REDEEM SWAGO GAME PIECES FROM BACK TO SCHOOL ITEM REDEMPTIONS! Keep in mind, it’ll open up to the rest of the Swag Store later but for now you can get a leg up by grabbing those game pieces before the rest of Swag Nation. Note: it is imperative that when you send in a game board it has all the original pieces you’ve redeemed. We’ll know if you make copies for yourself or send in pieces that you weren’t sent originally. So play honestly, because we’ll know if you don’t.

Have a great school year!


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