Consolation Code: Hunt for it!

by TSG on Mon, September 21st, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Last night the Emmy’s took place and for about 2 weeks up until the event, we held some polls to see if Swag Nation could correctly predict the 6 major category winners. You responded loudly by picking NONE OF THEM correctly. I had originally laid out that if you were to pick correctly on all 6, you’d get a 5 Swag Buck code but alas, you guys swung and missed…6 times. That’s two outs!

Had you all guessed right, you would’ve gotten a 5 Swag Buck code, handed to you on a silver platter, no effort required; just laid out on the blog for you. But, since your predictive skills were about as accurate as a lazy weatherman, you’ll have to work just a bit for the 3 Swag Bucks you’re about to get.

In the Swag Store, there’s a good amount of TV (hint) to be seen and redeemed. In there, you’ll find the first 4 letters of the Swag Code. Particularly look at shows that were Emmy nominees this year and factored into our polls. So, go find those now and then come back and continue reading…

Find ‘em? Great. The next 4 letters will be found in your toolbar. I assume your logged in on your toolbar…

In all caps (unlike the first four letters), you’ll find the 4 letters to the right of the Log Out button, assuming you have the standard buttons in place as they were when you first downloaded the toolbar…

Start by looking at the first button to the right of the Log Out button. Got it? The first letter in the button title is the 5th letter in the code.

Now look at the 2nd button to the right of Log Out. The 2nd letter in the button title is the 6th letter in the code.

The third letter on the third button is the 7th letter.

And finally, I’ll give you the 8th letter: ‘L’.

If you got the first 4 letters and the gift of the last letter, you can probably venture a guess as to what the code is. Enter the entire code on Swagbucks with no spaces before 7PM PDT and get your 3 spot.

Remember, DO NOT SHARE/POST/ASK FOR THE CODE. You WILL be deactivated.

Good luck!


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