Consolation Swag Code Answer

by TSG on Mon, September 21st, 2009 at 7:21 pm

If you’ve been keeping an eye on all the action in Swag Nation today, you know that we ran a 3 Swag Code Hunt between 9:00 – 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (just in case you got tired of seeing everything in PSD!). The reason for the hunt of course, is that TSG felt bad for Swag Nation and how poorly we did in predicting the winners of the Emmy Awards this past Sunday night. We had originally promised a 5 Swag Buck code if we got all 6 winners correct, but we ended up getting ZERO!

Fortunately for you all, TSG was in a giving mode, and so I decided to run a hunt worth 3 Swag Bucks during the appointed hour. Since this may have been the first hunt for many of you, and since this proved to be a challenge for even some of our most experienced Swag Sleuths, I thought I would recap where the letters were. This should help you figure out if you followed the clues properly, and it may just come in handy the next time you’re on the hunt! Special thanks to the blog TattooAstronomy for giving me the inspiration to recap the hunt in this way.

The first clue appeared in the blog post titled “Consolation Code: Hunt For It” was the following

In the Swag Store, there’s a good amount of TV (hint) to be seen and redeemed. In there, you’ll find the first 4 letters of the Swag Code. Particularly look at shows that were Emmy nominees this year and factored into our polls. So, go find those now and then come back and continue reading…

If you clicked the word TV, that brought you right to the TV Episodes & Seasons section of the Swag Store. From there, all you really had to do was click into the various tv shows to try and find which ones had a letter buried in their descriptions. Here are the results:

Letter number 1 was hidden inside 30 Rock as seen here:

Sorry for the small images…

Letter number 2 was hidden inside The Office as seen here:

Letter number 3 was hidden inside House as seen here:

Letter number 4 was hidden inside Entourage as seen here:

As for the last 4 letters, I started by saying:
In all caps (unlike the first four letters), you’ll find the 4 letters to the right of the Log Out button, assuming you have the standard buttons in place as they were when you first downloaded the toolbar…

Then I mentioned that the last 4 letters of the code could be found on the toolbar. Not IN the From TSG drop down menu (where all the previous codes were hidden) but ON the toolbar. Here were my clues and the right locations:

Start by looking at the first button to the right of the Log Out button. Got it? The first letter in the button title is the 5th letter in the code.

As you can see the button to the right of the logout button is “From TSG”. The first letter in that button name is “F” (as in From tsg)

Now look at the 2nd button to the right of Log Out.

The 2nd letter in the button title is the 6th letter in the code.

The second button is called “Ways To Earn” and the 2nd letter in that title is “A” (as in wAys to earn)

The third letter on the third button is the 7th letter.

The third button is called “Prizes” and the 3rd letter there is an “I” (as in prIzes)

And finally, I’ll give you the 8th letter: ‘L’.

Put those all together and you should have had “EpicFAIL”.

I understand that some of you have modified your toolbar since you downloaded it. I tried to make things easier for you by posting the following update on facebook:

Hopefully you had a chance to see that, and I sincerely hope you found this 3 Swag Buck code. Thanks again to everybody who participated in this fun Swag Hunt, and if you didn’t catch today’s code, remember, there are ALWAYS going to be more codes. In fact, there are at least 9 more codes coming this month just in the toolbar alone.

Still confused about Swag Codes? See a helpful page here.


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