Don’t Miss a Facebook Update!

by TSG on Wed, September 30th, 2009 at 7:00 am

Since my last post about how many ways there were to be informed about new Swag Codes, we launched the improved toolbar and have since given away 29 codes in that toolbar and it hasn’t even been around a full month yet! The Swidget is really the biggest blabber mouth of them all, not only does it sometimes have Swag Codes in it, it’ll tell you where to look for every other Swag Code! But if you miss all that and don’t get Swagbucks’ Twitter updates. You can subscribe to our Facebook updates!

Facebook‘s SMS updates allow you to make sure you don’t miss an important (insert: Swag Hunt) status update again. Between the toolbar, RSS feeds, Twitter & Facebook SMS updates & the Swidget, you’ll almost have to try NOT to know about a Swag Code.

Here’s a few more scenarios where you may no longer be able to be alerted when Swag Codes are out:
-If you’re abducted by Aliens (assuming the Aliens are not avid Swaggernauts themselves)
-If you get trapped under an avalanche (although that probably means you have bigger problems than missing out on a Swag Code)
-If dinosaurs reappear on Earth and destroy cell phone towers and everything the Internet relies on to run (I would blame Michael Crichton for this one, R.I.P.)
-If your mom takes away your cell phone and computer (probably most likely)
-If the world ended! (whoa…)

Not a whole lot of likelihood of all of those happening, let alone 2 (2, because that mom one is pretty likely).

Now keep in mind that standard text message rates apply so if you have an unlimited plan, you’re golden. But if you get charged per incoming text we can’t be held responsible for charges you incur.

That said, subscribe right under our main photo on the Swagbucks Facebook page (should be the third option down) and Swag your face off!


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