Great Moments in Swagbucks History: Volume II

by TSG on Thu, September 10th, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Have you ever been cruising any of our Social Media pages or even this blog and wondered why TSG calls the community ‘Swaggernauts’? If you have, today is your lucky day.

…because you’re about to find out.

The tale of how Swaggernauts came to be is a dramatic and thrilling one. Essentially, the term Swaggernauts was collectively self-proclaimed. I’ll elaborate…

Almost an entire year ago, TSG polled the Swagbucks community. It started with a call to action

I asked you guys to submit names that you think the Swagbucks community should henceforth be addressed as. Team Swagbucks and myself then milled through the huge numbers of ideas you all had. We finally landed on the top 6 and threw them into a poll and implored you guys to vote on your favorite.
Then came the time to vote. Vote, vote, vote! The nomenclature of you community depends on it! And so you did. Which name would it be? The masses waited with bated breath in anticipation of what they would forever be known as.

And we called them…Swaggernauts.

Swaggernauts it was and here’s how close it was…


4% away from being known as Swagsters. Which begs the question, did the community get it right?

Were you around way back when we did this vote?

How would you have voted?

Either way, we feel that giving the community of users (a.k.a. you) a voice in shaping Swag Nation was a major step into making the site it is today. And for that reason, it was…a Great Moment In Swag Bucks History!
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