Halloween Swag in the Swag Store!

by TSG on Tue, September 29th, 2009 at 5:13 pm

Swagbucks headquarters currently looks like a volcano exploded because there’s orange and black everywhere! No magma, hot ash and lava though. It’s actually all clothes, costumes and Halloween make-up and the like, which in a lot of ways…is better! We’ve got a grip of Halloween items in the Swag Store under the Exclusive categories.

We’ve got a broad array of stuff in there. From costumes to sweaters to funny underwear and more. Here’s a few neat items to check out:

“This is My Costume” T-shirt

“Babies Gone Batty” Onesie
Halloween Sweater Vest

As a bonus, Swago applies to this category! Yaaaaaay!

Now you have another reason, as if you needed any at all, to grab some Halloween swag.

So gear up for All Hallow’s Eve with Swagbucks and it could just help you win…more Swag Bucks.



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