Have You Seen These Wallpapers?!?

by TSG on Thu, September 17th, 2009 at 7:00 am

We’re getting some outstanding submissions for the wallpaper contest and we’ll be adding a new batch to the Swag Store later today.

Make sure to keep with our Flickr page because if you see a submission you like there, “Like” it and tell your friends to “Like” it and it could make it to the Swag Store where it’ll have the chance to be the top seller like these beauts:

This is a cool hyper-aquatic theme? I don’t know…but it’s sweet lookin’!

Bling! Bling! Cash money! Ok, moving on….
This is a cool computer generated image with some Swag Surfin’ goin’ on. Look how neat that desk is, TSG’s is nowhere near as tidy.

All of the previous wallpaper samples you saw are in the Swag Store in Digital Wallpapers under Swaggernaut Submitted and are available for your snagging. Make sure you go snag a wallpaper here and there as the number of redemptions these wallpapers essentially function as votes.

If you have a wallpaper idea or something ready to send in, send it to us at wallpapers@swagbucks.com. Reference this blog post for contest rules.

May the best wallpaper win.


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