Madden 10…is coming…

by TSG on Wed, September 9th, 2009 at 7:00 am

You’ve been asking and its coming. Later today I’ll possibly be giving our Twitter Tuesday winner a copy of the new Madden 10 for the console of their choosing. After that, Swagbucks will be holding a reverse auction for a copy of this super real new game.

I spent a few dozen hours over the Labor Day weekend playing this game and it definitely lives up to the Madden legacy. It’s got a few new features, some of the lesser features from Madden 09 taken out and the game continues to look more and more lifelike.

Some of the improvements include improved QB mobility & capabilities, Adaptive AI (computer defenses & offenses will react & respond to schemes you run too much), in-game injury decisions and the addition of the Wildcat formation. A small thing they’ve added are out-of-bounds late hit penalties, which I’ve been waiting for since the game’s beginning.

As always, VPGames is our dependable hook-up for all your video game needs.

Madden 10 is coming…


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