Mid-week Video!!!

by TSG on Wed, September 23rd, 2009 at 2:17 pm

Many of you really seem to enjoy TSG’s Saturday Video of the Week. So much so that I’m now being barraged with video ideas to include and I actually watch all of them! What else am I gonna do?

Team Swagbucks
even sends me video after video after video and I often wonder, how am I going to include all of these great videos?! Well, I obviously can’t. But, every now and then I can throw up a bonus.

Here’s a video that a member of Team Swagbucks sent on to me that absolutely shouldn’t fall through the cracks because it’s just too cool.

Have a look!

Neat, no?

TSG’s Saturday Videos of the Week offer this same level of awesomeness. See it this Saturday!


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