New Swagstakes!

by TSG on Wed, September 2nd, 2009 at 7:00 am

We’re giving away yet another prize today, the Ripstik Caster Board. That makes 4 prizes in 2 days! That means we have to load back up again, right? Right.

We have a brand new Ripstik Caster Board LE Icarus in the Swag Store for 1 Swag Buck per entry. This one will end on Thursday, October 1st. This thing is an awesome workout and a lot of fun, so be sure to keep an eye out for this Swagstakes.

Thanks to eFamilyFun for this awesome prize.

We’ll also be giving away a $100 Barnes & Noble Gift Card every Tuesday during Back to School! This Swagstakes starts at only 1 Swag Buck per entry as well, so don’t get cheated and scoop up those entries!

We’ll announce the first winner of this Swagstakes this Tuesday, September 8th.

And finally, another ridiculously generous video game console bundle. This is the Nintendo Wii Back to School Bundle. This includes the following:

* Wii Console w/ Wii Sports
* Official Nintendo Wii Messenger Travel Bag
* Bully Scholarship Edition (Wii)
* Nintendo Wii 2000 Points Card (for Wii Shop Channel)
* NCAA Football 09 (Wii)
* Official Wii Classic Controller
* Set of Nintendo Wii Skins (Winners’s Choice!)- 1 each for the Wii Console, Wii nunchucks, and Wii Controller

That’s insane. What’s more insane…entries start at only 2 Swag Bucks per entry. What?!

Thanks again to VPGames for hooking us, and in the process, YOU, up!

I’ll announce the winner of this prize on Friday, October 2nd.

Which one will you throw your Swaggage at?


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