Ripstik Swagstakes Ends Thursday!

by TSG on Fri, September 25th, 2009 at 2:20 pm

Thanks to eFamilyFun we’ve given away lots of cool, recreational, fun and active prizes. The Ripstiks are no exception. Super fun but also super good for you to do, ask your abs. But most of all, they’re just really fun to ride. It’s like a surfboard and a skateboard had a baby and a snowboard raised it into adulthood.

The Swagstakes for this Ripstik Caster Board LE Icarus ends this Thursday, October 1st. Entries for this start at just 1 Swag Buck per and get less pricey on the way up!

Enter this Swagstakes here and you might be the lucky owner of this awesome beach boardwalk, street, park , or anywhere else you want to go with it – toy.


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