Search with T-Pain!

by TSG on Thu, September 24th, 2009 at 9:46 am

By now everyone has heard auto-tune and regardless of whether or not you love it or hate it, there’s one man that is credited with it’s popularity; T-Pain. We’re lucky enough to have him as one of our partners. If you go to T-Pain’s Search&Win site you can find some great T-Pain prizes including some great T-Pain shirts.

If you don’t know T-Pain‘s work, I might not have to do much else than say…”I’m on a boat!” and you might know right away. He also did Bartender with Akon, in addition to many other collaborations with popular artists.

You may have seen my Lil Wayne post on Monday, it seems that between these two, Swagbucks has the whole auto-tune game under one roof!

-Hold on…Kanye just interrupted me and said he was gonna let me finish, but he’s one of the best auto-tune rappers of all time. Of all time! He’s also our partner!

So one could say, Swagbucks has the auto-tune game on lock. But, it’d probably sound cooler if someone other than me said it.

Here’s a video of T-Pain appearing on Ellen cutting a rug, singing a little improvised ditty and talking about his iPhone app, IAmTPain. A member of Team Swagbucks has this app and we definitely have some fun with it. Well worth it if you’re an iPhone owner.

Here’s the vid:

Did you know T-Pain was such a good dancer? He’s got some sweet moves!

And check out T-Pain poking some fun at himself on SNL with the help of Andy Samberg, Ludacris and Tim McGraw.


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