Sharing is Caring

by TSG on Wed, September 23rd, 2009 at 7:00 am

Winning Swag Bucks is pretty great. It even seems to brighten some people’s day. So what could be better than winning Swag Bucks as much as you are or could be? Winning MORE, obviously!

There’s tons of ways to refer friends to join Swagbucks and earn you bonus Swag from the Swidget to customizable referral links that you can put in blogs, social networking pages, YouTube videos to shirts and more. We keep coming up with new ways on top of that, but one of the easiest ways is to Share.

Yes, share. Like you learned in Kindergarten. Every time you win Swag Bucks through searches, there’s a share button that allows you to share your success through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Delicious, and many other sites.

This is similar to Mega Swag Bucks Friday when you guys tweet a screen grab of your Mega Swag Buck wins.

This will display text and a picture of the amount of Swag Bucks you won. You can maybe then add a caption like “I’m 10 Swag Bucks away from a PS3″. Voila! Referrals.

Find out more about sharing here.

Share your Swag with the world!


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