Some Additional Toolbar FAQs

by TSG on Tue, September 8th, 2009 at 2:49 pm

The toolbar has been out for about a week now and we’ve given away more Swag Bucks on that thing than anywhere else. I even asked you guys how you customize your toolbar and we got tons of cool ways to use the toolbar and even further enrich your Swagbucks user experience which is awesome.

We also got some feedback from you last week, this week I thought I’d give you guys some further information on some other good things to know about the toolbar in its current state.

Here are some of those useful tidbits:

The toolbar is not available for Google Chrome or Opera. Only Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

There may be some delays in the From TSG messages for Firefox users. Refresh your toolbar to see up-to-date Swag Bucks totals, Blog feeds, Twitter Feeds and Messages. You can also refresh messages if you’re having trouble seeing new messages. If there is a code on the toolbar and it’s not showing up in your Messages even after you refresh them, clicking on the blue text that says “Message” will show you the most recent message.

Snow Leopard may cause toolbar issues for Mac users on Safari.

If you find codes that state they are still valid, make sure to refresh your toolbar. Make sure codes you find in messages are from the current day, old codes will not be active anymore and should display “EXPIRED”.

If you’re having any other issues regarding installation, functionality or anything else, reference our FAQs and click the toolbar tab on the far right. We’ll be updating this with even more tips like the ones above shortly.

I’ll keep updating this blog with answers to other issues as we go along.


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