Star Wars Collector? Oh My….

by TSG on Wed, September 23rd, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Have we got some stuff for you! You may have even joined Swagbucks after finding all the awesome Star Wars Collectibles we have. From trading cards to action figures and more, we’ve got some sweet Star Wars.

But, you may have seen earlier this week that we have a new Swagstakes sponsored by LEGO STAR WARS BUNDLE! Definitely one of the coolest Star Wars collectibles ever to grace the Swag Store.

Entries for this start at just 1 Swag Buck each and I’ll be announcing the winner on this blog on Friday, October 30th. HEY, Halloween’s on a Saturday this year! Nice!

I also wanted to share with you some cool pictures I stumbled upon on a pretty cool blog called These are photos of what Stormtroopers might do on their day off taken using actual Star Wars Collectible Stormtrooper action figures.

And one more nerdy Star Wars humorous thing to share. Here’s a funny video by the clever gents over at with a video about the 1-year anniversary of the destruction of the Death Star.

I’ve watched this several times and still laugh on every viewing:


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