Swag Codes & The Toolbar

by TSG on Thu, September 3rd, 2009 at 11:57 am

From time to time we have to reiterate things or explain things when we have new users and/or new features. Well, we have both right now. Swag Codes are designed to be extras and bonuses for being involved with the network. We’ve got many places to offer them and now we have one more, the Toolbar.

When you click on the message From TSG, you should see this. First off, some users are confused as what to enter to redeem the Swag Buck. Enter everything INSIDE the quotes. In other words, don’t include the quotes when you enter the code.
Another point that is important is that posting active codes is grounds for deactivation. There’s never a time when that isn’t true. Even though a code like the one above is randomized and different for every user, posting active codes will show enough intent of cheating and in order for Swagbucks to run as smoothly as it always does, we can’t tolerate that.

On the other hand, there are always people that just aren’t aware of all the rules. For them, I direct you to the Do’s & Don’ts page. This lets you know everything that is and is not acceptable to do when using Swagbucks or engaging with the Swagbucks Community.

A note on the toolbar: the messages update slow for Firefox and can be shaky at best on Safari. To ensure you don’t miss a code, click the blue text that says “Message” under the “From TSG” drop down and you’ll get the most recent message from TSG and this should get you by while we address Firefox issues.

A more in depth post to come, but hopefully this helps you guys for the time being.


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