Swago is Expanding!

by TSG on Wed, September 16th, 2009 at 11:31 am

We’ve had Swago going for about 2 weeks now and we released exclusively in the Back to School section to start. But now, it’s available in a ton of prize categories in the Swag Store including Books, Comic Books, SideCho Records, Capitol Records Vault, For The Kids, Piano Wizard, Puma Gear, Swag Bucks Gear, and Exclusive Music Prints!

This means you’ll be able to more than double your Swago pieces by redeeming prizes from all over the Swag Store. Any prize you order from the sections mentioned will now come to you with Swago game pieces.

Note that if you snagged a prize from one of those categories before today, but you still haven’t received your item, you WILL NOT receive a Swago piece. Only redemptions initiated from today on will qualify. Remember that you must send in original Swago game pieces when you send in Swago game boards, duplication or recreation to finagle Swago wins will be caught and the offenders will be deactivated.

The more you redeem, the more Swaggage you could possibly win. :)



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