The New Toolbar is HERE!

by TSG on Tue, September 1st, 2009 at 7:15 am

That’s right, after weeks of waiting and wondering, the new & improved Swagbucks toolbar has arrived. This toolbar carries essentially every function of itself! I’m not even sure how we fit all this stuff yet we managed to and it doesn’t even look crowded! Good work, …us!

The single best feature is the function that existed on the toolbar all along and that is the ability to Search&Win.

More than that, you can browse prizes in the Swag Store by clicking on one of the huge list of categories that you’d see on the site itself.

Do you like music? Listen to streaming radio on the toolbar. No, really.

How about our Social Media pages? Ever wish you could get to our Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter without having to remember the URLs or find links? They’re all there.

Speaking of Twitter, we make it even easier than going to our page. Our Twitter feed will be IN our toolbar. While I’m talking about it, so will our blog feed! You’ll be up on all the latest Swagbucks news with little to no effort on your part!

Need some tips for your referrals or want to find the polls? We have a More button that has all the same links that the Even More button on Swagbucks has.

Add some of your own internet vices to the toolbar, like your Skype, other RSS feeds, sports scores and more.

Oh and I guess another thing it has is….Swag Codes. We’ll be doing toolbar exclusive Swag Codes during the entire month of September including today. We’ll be running at least one code per day this month IN ADDITION to other codes we run on our other sites and tools. In fact, a Newsletter is going out today and as always, it will have a Swag Code. But, if you want to get that code now, it’ll be in the toolbar. If you already have the toolbar installed, and are having trouble viewing the code, click the little downward facing arrow next to the “From TSG”button on your toolbar. At the bottom of the drop-down menu you’ll see a little green icon which indicates refresh. Clicking that should cause the message to appear. Also, please don’t reply to the messages you see in the toolbar. If you really want to say “thank you”, please drop a note on our facebook wall. This will be the first code of many today, so don’t miss out.

Please be aware that our Safari toolbar doesn’t currently have the “From TSG” button where we’ll be featuring our toolbar codes. So if you’re a mac user, you may need to install our Firefox toolbar to get in on all the rewards.

Get your toolbar now.


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