The Toolbar; How Are You Using it?

by TSG on Thu, September 3rd, 2009 at 9:34 am

The Swagbucks Toolbar has graced the browsers of many a Swaggernaut by now and we thought we’d check in and see how you guys were enjoying the new beaut. Mainly, I was curious to see what features you guys were using – outside of the obvious “From TSG” box. In addition to just the buttons though, what add-ons have you employed? There are plenty of customizable options in the drop-down menu shown here:

If you click on the last option, “Toolbar Options”, there are plenty of ways to add features, remove boxes you don’t wish to appear and more.

But, in addition to that, you can also add plug-ins with the plus side on the far side of your toolbar, it looks like this:

Clicking this will bring up an array of options to put in your toolbar. You can even display the time on your toolbar in Pacific Time so that your toolbar is always plugged into Swag Land time and expiration dates on codes will be far less confusing. You can also add RSS feeds from other blogs or news sites, Skype, Facebook Live connect and more.

Leave a comment letting us know what add-ons & plug-ins you’ve started using and if you have any neat tricks on the use of the toolbar, let us know that too! I’ll pick a few random comments and reward them with some Swag Bucks, so be sure to leave your user name!


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