The Wallpaper Challenge: A Follow-Up

by TSG on Thu, September 10th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

TSG announced the new Wallpaper Challenge just this last Tuesday and we’ve already received some pretty nifty submissions. Yep, I said ‘nifty’ and I stand by it. Anyway, some of you had questions and asked for help so ever the helpful Swag Guy, here I am.

An important note for the Wallpaper Challenge: We cannot and will not be accepting any and all submissions. Submissions must first fit all requirements of the contest:

-Submissions must be in .jpg format
-Submissions must be either 1024×768 or 1280×800.
-Submissions must have a maximum of 72DPI.
-Submissions must include some sort of Swagbucks logo, reference or image.

In addition to that, submissions must be creative, unique, original and bear some Swagbucks reference, no matter how small.

Even additions that may meet all requirements may not make it to the Swag Store as it’ll be up to the discretion of Team Swagbucks. We will be selecting the Top 20 to place in the Swag Store every Thursday. The remainder of qualified submissions will be put in a special folder on our Flickr page. This is where these wallpapers will get a second chance. If a wallpaper receives 10 unique “Likes”, we will move it into the Swag Store to give it it’s chance to be redeemed.

There is no maximum for submissions but please use your common sense and don’t overload us with a gajillion (real word) submissions. In addition to that, please do not resubmit any submissions you’ve already sent. This will disqualify your submission.

Now, for those of you that were asking for some help from us by way of logos and such. Help has arrived. If you go to our Flickr page, you’ll see a photo set called Swagbucks Creative Assets. These are for you to use in your wallpaper creations.

That should just about do it! Have fun!


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