TSG’s T-Shirt Contest Finalists!

by TSG on Tue, September 1st, 2009 at 4:06 pm

We’ve compiled ten of the best T-shirt photos we received (5 in hotspots, 5 in landmarks) and now it’s up to YOU to decide who the prize-winning photo is in each category. The winning photo from each section will win a whopping 250 Swag Bucks! I’ll be announcing the winners at the same time on this very blog tomorrow. I know you thought you’d know by now, but you’re one step closer to knowing who will take home the Swag!

Let me just say, I had a great time looking at all of your photos from all over the globe (no…literally) doing all sorts of things in all sorts of places. You really made it fun for myself and Team Swagbucks to review these photos and it was another fun way to interact with our users. So, on behalf of myself and Team Swagbucks, thank you.

Also, some of you are terrible at Photoshop :P

Head over to the voting pages to let your voice be heard on which photos should take home the grand prize. Some of the pictures are quite entertaining. :)

Vote for Hot Spots here.
Vote for Landmarks here.

You’ll see percentages when you vote but you won’t see what’s winning if it’s close, we have the number of votes, so don’t worry. We just like surprises for you guys. :)


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