Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays Winner – 9/2

by TSG on Wed, September 2nd, 2009 at 10:22 am

What a day yesterday was! We launched the toolbar, had some fun with it, gave away some prizes through the Swagstakes and gave out (probably too many :P ) Swag Bucks with multiple Swag Codes. The fun continues as I’m picking not one but THREE Twitter Tuesday winners today. I laid out the stipulation that if the Phrase That Pays, Swagbar, hit the trending topics I’d pick SIX winners. But, with Gmail going down, people still all a flutter about Snow Leopard and various celebrity and Twitter trends, Swagbar never quite hit it.

Here’s some stuff Swagbar did produce though; 3 winners of 50 Swag Bucks and here they are:

@Swagbucks A duck walks into a Swagbar, and buys an Amazon gift card. It says “45 swagbucks”, so the duck says “put it on my bill”. lol” – Tim S. of Ballwin, MO

@SwagBucks I love that it’s SO easy to get to the Twitter and Blog updates… and even see their titles w/ the SWAGBAR!!!” – Celena J. of AZ

@Swagbucks SWAGBAR: Simply Wonderful! A Grand Bastion of Amazing Rewards!” – glockenspielio

glockenspielio, send Swagbucks a direct message on Twitter to claim your 50 Swag Bucks! JUST GLOCKENSPIELIO, if you try to claim a prize that’s not yours that is grounds for deactivation…

Job well done once again, thanks for a great Tuesday and probably an even better Wednesday.

Until we tweet again…


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