Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays Winner – 9/30/09

by TSG on Wed, September 30th, 2009 at 9:59 am

Man! You guys loooove vampires! I had such a hard time sorting through all the tweets and picking the best that I picked 6 instead of 3 this week. You guys really went off for Count Swagula!

Here’s your 5 honorable mentions who all receive 5 Swag Bucks:

@Swagbucks What kind of cocktail does Count Swagula enjoy for happy hour? Give up? A bloody mary.” – Shelly M. of Chester, VA

@Swagbucks Yo Count Swagula, I’m really happy for you & I’m let you finish, but I got the best Phrase That Pays of all time…of all time!” – Jorden S. of Toronto, ON

@Swagbucks “1 swag buck, ah ah, ah. 2 swagbucks ah, ah, ah, 3 swagbucks ah, ah, ah…” -Count Swagula counting up his daily swagbucks again.” – Lauren C. of Lansing, MI

@Swagbucks What do you get when you cross a Count Swagula and a snowman? A frostbite with a Swagcode.” – Joel B. of Brantford, ON

@SwagBucks “SwagBucks is so easy, even a 400 year old can use it!” – Count Swagula” – Michael T. of Albertville, AL

And here’s the WINNER!

@SwagBucks Q.What is the only way to stop Count Swagula? A.With the entry of a Swagstake! Get it? :p” – James F. of Greenville, PA

Congratulations, James! That’s a cool 50 Swag Bucks comin’ your way. And, congrats to all our honorable mentions as well.

Thanks again for another great Twitter Tuesday, you guys are the best!

‘Til we tweet again….


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