Haven’t Downloaded the Toolbar?

by TSG on Fri, October 16th, 2009 at 5:05 pm

If you thought the close of September meant the end of the toolbar, you couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve done a few Swag Codes in the toolbar in October and we also put friendly little reminders for you about other goings-on in Swag Land. Not to mention the copious amounts of applications, buttons and add-ons that are endlessly useful on the Swagbucks toolbar.

Some Swaggernauts even displayed pure displeasure with me for NOT including the toolbar in the 100K Facebook Challenge! So, it’s clear that the Swaggernauts who are using the toolbar already can’t live without it.

Download the toolbar for your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers here.

You’ll have no idea what you’ll miss if you don’t have it…


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