Sephora Gift Cards in the Swag Store!

by TSG on Tue, October 27th, 2009 at 7:00 am

I’m not making this up! Hahaha, making this up…like make-up. Awful, awful, awful joke. It’s early in the morning here so it’s possible TSG is still dusting off his wit for the day. But all kidding aside, if you want to save some money on cosmetics and fragrances, this Gift Card is right up your alley.

This gift card is good for $50 on It’d be a great card to snag as they have men’s and women’s fragrances, cosmetics and bath & body products that you can use for yourself or for gifts for the holiday season.

This card is 975 Swag Bucks and well worth the Swaggin’. Plenty of quality products waiting to be sent to your home without you having to spend a dime.


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