Shop&Earn Can Be Rewarding

by TSG on Thu, October 1st, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Every now and then you’ll see me feature Shop&Earn coupons in this blog. Well I won’t be doing that today but I will be talking about the same old great facts of Shop&Earn. You know, like the fact that you get one Swag Buck for ever $5 you spend at any of the online stores in Shop&Earn. And the fact that these are some of the most popular retailers on the web, you’re not going to some mom&pop online store. Or, the fact that we have coupons updated frequently, in some cases daily with great deals at a number of our online stores.

What I will say is that between now and 4:00PM PDT, there’s a coupon in the Shop&Earn that may be very rewarding. All coupons are rewarding but you might find something especially rewarding about this coupon….

Happy hunting.


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