The Toolbar is Still Here…

by TSG on Thu, October 1st, 2009 at 11:21 am

If you’ll recall, the toolbar was coming, then it was here, then we did 30 Swag Codes in 30 days and guess what…it’s still here. Just because September ended doesn’t mean there won’t still be rewarding messages From TSG and hunts involving the toolbar.

If you haven’t downloaded the toolbar, make sure to do so. There’s still Swag Bucks to be found on there in addition to all the awesome features it has anyway. In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t heard yet, the toolbar offers you nearly everything the main Swagbucks site itself does. In addition, you can quickly navigate to our Social Media pages and get news feeds from Twitter and this very blog.

Download the toolbar here.

If you have the toolbar already, it’ll only get better for you. :)


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