Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays Winner- 10/28/09

by TSG on Wed, October 28th, 2009 at 10:25 am

What a great last TTPTP of October! I always have a hard time picking these as I know no matter which tweets I pick, people out there will like others better but that’s kind of the fun of this. I’m sure Swagmares will be no exception because there were so many great tweets and it’s hard to pick 3, let alone 1.

You’ll recall if you’ve been around for a while, we used to do just 1 winner, but then the tweets started getting so good and large in number, I had to reward more people.

Here are your winning Swagmares tweets, starting with the honorable mentions:

@swagbucks, what do you call a bunch of drunk horses? Swagmares.” – Kim T. of ID

@SwagBucks Swagmares on Elm Street, starring Swaggy Krueger… One, two, Swaggy’s coming for you…” – Greg C. of TX

And the winner is Sarah B. of FL! 50 Swag Bucks richer, hopefully that calms the Swagmares.

@SwagBucks My swagmares: I lose my hair, get chased by bears, fall after breaking a chair. Worst of all, my SBs disappear in pairs.”

Congrats to the winners and great job everyone that tweeted.

‘Until we tweet again….


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