Wallpapers, Wallpapers! Everywhere!

by TSG on Thu, October 8th, 2009 at 3:09 pm

TSG’s Wallpaper Challenge is still going on until November 1st and we’re adding new Wallpapers to the Swag Store again today. I feel you should know that we have some early contenders for the 250 Swag Buck prize. The following users are in for a big payday unless you submit a wallpaper or start snagging other wallpapers, one of these will be the winning wallpaper.

That last one is great but it’s not even current anymore! In case you’ve been out of the loop today, we have 100,000 fans on Facebook now! So be sure to get your Swagbucks Wallpapers into us at wallpapers@swagbucks.com, snag your favorite wallpapers or both.


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