Gift Cards Now in the Swag Store!

by TSG on Tue, November 24th, 2009 at 1:00 pm

We’ve got a great new gift card in the Swag Store! is a site that sells rare and collectible early automobiles and small island chains. Just kidding! They sell pencils, obviously! But not just any pencils and not just pencils. has pretty much any kind of pencil one could need.

Taking an SAT?

Drafting the prints for a building or even an entire city?

Sketching something?

Coloring something?

Finishing the shading on someone’s upper lip? has the pencils for you! Plus, they’ve got other school & office supplies like notebooks, sharpeners and even “How to Draw” books.

Grab this gift card any time you’re in need of wood and lead or graphite….or whatever else makes pencils write and draw.

Snag it here!


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