Shop&Earn Has Become More Rewarding

by TSG on Mon, November 30th, 2009 at 11:30 am

Big news from SwagbucksShop&Earn! Not only will you start seeing gift ideas from Swagbucks online store partners like PacSun, MacMall, 24 Hour Fitness,, iTunes, Walmart and more; but, you’ll also potentially get more Swag Bucks for spending there!

Starting today, you’ll still receive the same Swag Buck you would for every $5 spent at one of our online store partners. BUT, if you rack up at least 20 Swag Bucks through Shop&Earn purchases, you’ll receive a 5 Swag Buck bonus!

Throughout the holiday season we’ll be bringing you great gift ideas to warm the hearts of your loved ones, and fatten your Swag Bucks wallet. Be sure to check the Shop&Earn regularly for great coupons, offers and products, and make this a rewarding holiday season!


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