The Swag Patrol Takes to the Facebook Page

by TSG on Wed, November 11th, 2009 at 1:22 pm

Remember when TSG sent out the call to Swaggernauts everywhere to help Swagbucks? Here was the post about it, and you’ll be happy to know that we got our crew! In an effort to keep our Facebook page the awesome page that it is, a few loyal Swaggernauts have been selected to do their part in keeping it fun, clean of spam and a safe, productive place to discuss all things Swag. You won’t know who they are but they’re out there.

Chances are, they’ve been there for some time and their role up to this point, as created by them, has been helping other Swagbucks users. If you see people on the wall enforcing rules, please do not antagonize them. The end goal is to have a fun, clean wall to participate on without spam, cursing, fighting, etc.

If you submitted for this when I posted the blog or would like to help, we will be taking on new moderators here and there. This isn’t a situation where once they’ve been named, they have to do it forever and no one else can do it now that they’ve been appointed. If you were bummed you didn’t get selected when you submitted, don’t be. Because you may get to help at some point down the road.

For now, spammers beware…


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