Twilight: New Moon Posters in the Swag Store

by TSG on Fri, November 20th, 2009 at 8:00 am

Good news for Twilight fans everywhere; Swagbucks has a number of Twilight: New Moon posters in the Swag Store! These posters are provided by our sponsor at There’s a good variety to fulfill all your Edward & Bella desires.

These are great gift ideas for the Twilight fanatic in your life. Have a look at a few of many Twilight posters currently residing in it’s own section of the Swag Store.

To find these, click on Posters > Twilight Posters in the Swag Store. That’s right, we have so many that Twilight Posters get their own section! These range in price from 135 to 155 Swag Bucks.

Thanks again to our pals at PosterCheckout!

Get ‘em while you can because I’m sure these will fly out of the Swag Store.


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