Twitter Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition Winners!

by TSG on Wed, November 25th, 2009 at 10:48 am

Every Twitter Tuesday is great for TSG but this one had so much sap and cheese in it….and TSG LOVES sap and cheese. There were some really sweet tweets. Lots of heartfelt stuff, lots of Hallmark-y type tweets, stuff you’d find on Seasonal Welcome Mats and other Happy Swagsgiving variations. But, they were all fun to read. So thank you.

Here are the Twitter Tuesday Winners – The Thanksgiving Edition!

@Swagbucks:I am thankful for my family/friends, random acts of kindness, and #Swagbucks! Happy Swagsgiving everyone!” – Jennifer M. of Kettering, OH

I like Turkey, I like Cheese, I want Swagbucks, Pick me please! Happy Swagsgiving @Swagbucks” – Nadine L. of Merrimack, NH

Too bad it wasn’t “Happy Swagsgiving, Charlie Brown!” At @SwagBucks and with TSG holding the football, maybe Charlie could finally kick it!” – Jacoby S. of Chico, CA

Did I mention NONE of those are honorable mentions. All 3 of them won 50 Swag Bucks!


Thanks for another great Twitter Tuesday.

Until we tweet again…..


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