Featured Swagbucks Partner: The Who!

by TSG on Mon, December 21st, 2009 at 5:59 pm

Out here in the fields! We give lots of deals! We give back and we give Swag from The Whoooo-yeaah ahh yeah yeah ahhh! The Who is a great partner of Swagbucks and an even greater band…as you should know.

Swagbucks has plenty of awesome prizes from the legendary group that you can snatch up now at their Search&Win site. Check out a few of them here….

Belt Buckle

Bottle Opener

The Who – Ultimate Collection. This is a great item for a die-hard fan or someone being introduced to The Who for the first time.

Rock Gods aren’t born every day but luckily for Swagbucks and for you, The Who is here. Welcome the Hall of Famers by snagging these great prizes and as a tribute, TSG thought he’d share a little something from The Sing-Off.

This is Beelzebubs from Tufts University doing a medley of The Who, good stuff…


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