Gift Card Swagananza: Day 25

by TSG on Tue, December 22nd, 2009 at 11:01 am

It’s a Gift Card Swagananza!

As you know, we’re slashing the price of a different Gift Card in the Swag Store every day until the end of the year. Today is Day 25 of the Swagananza!

Today’s Gift Card is the 2,000 Points Gift Card. This card is back by popular demand. This time you’ll see this card at the reduced price of 225 Swag Bucks all day! This is the second time we’ve featured this card in the Swagananza and the first time we had it at 325 Swag Bucks. Today’s price is now a whopping 180 Swag Bucks knocked off the current price, so snag it while it’s hot!

Use this card at the Wii Shop Channel to get all kinds of extras for your Wii games or even classic, Nintendo, N64 and Super Nintendo games!

If you find yourself not being able to afford this, Special Offers give you mega Swag Bucks very quickly.


We’ll be chopping the price tree on a different gift card tomorrow and every day after until 2010. Remember to check back in at 11:00 am pst to find the new cards.

Happy snagging!


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