It’s An Anniversary!

by TSG on Tue, December 22nd, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Today, Swagbucks celebrates it’s one year anniversary of the introduction of the Swagbucks fan page. Our Facebook page has become a bastion, a hub, a meeting place to discuss, share, help and have fun with other Swaggernauts. And it’s been going for a year strong now!

I just wanted to thank all of you for making the Facebook page what it is today, going on 150,000 strong and getting better every day.

That’s not the only anniversary though…

Even though ‘anni’ means year, it’s the 6-month anniversary of the release of the Swidget!

The Swidget has multiple functions but the most valuable to Swaggernauts would presumably be the ability to know when there is a Swag Code out. Another big function is the use of the Swidget as a referral tool.

If we were to modify the Swidget to only tell if there were a Swag Code out, it would be sleeker and we’d be able to make it skinny enough to fit in the rails of your blog and you’d have the ability to have a permanent Swidget tab on your Facebook profile so it wouldn’t play as a Flash movie and fall down your Facebook wall with subsequent posts.

But, if getting referrals is a big use for you, you may want us to keep it the same and maybe even enhance that part of it. The snag there is that if we keep it the same, we can’t make it sleeker to add all that accessibility that was mentioned in the paragraph prior to this.

That said, why doesn’t TSG just ask you?!

Thanks for being a part of this crazy thing we call Swagbucks. Enter on any Search&Win site before 5:30PM PST for a Swag Buck!


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